2018 AFY CNY Year of the Dog! Thank You! /

Here is the information about CNY Parade

Thank you to all who made the 2018 AFY CNY Year of the Dog Parade a success!

Alice Fong Yu in the Chinese New Year Parade 2018.

February 24, 2018

Participants -- Awesome Job! Thank you for putting together such a fantastic show.
Parents -- Thank you for bringing your kids to and from every practice and walking along the sidelines to be our mobile cheerleaders! Kudos also to the K-2 parents who worked endless hours on their child's puppy costume for the parade.

A special thank you goes out to the parade team for their tireless effort.

This list is long but this wouldn't be possible without all their help.

ELAC Team: Parade planning + Support Team
- Amy Chiu
- Glory Wong
- Jessie Yang
- Felicia Tse
- Dave Donner
School Grounds Supervisors
- Amy Chiu
- Glory Wong
Parade Marketing Team
- Glory Wong
- Amy Chiu
School Bus & Use of kitchen facility
- Winnie Yeung (Coordinated getting the school bus and printing the announcement flyers)
- Maria Aoieong Yap (Use of the kitchen to store our goodies)
Costume Management and Prep
- Raelynn Hickey (Steam cleaned the performer outfits)
- Raelynn Hickey and Dave Donner (Gathered sizes of all the parade performers)
Make-up and Hair Stylist
- Cindy Hom
- Angela Tse
- Casandra Pierce
- Leila Reyes
- Pat Hong
- Sabrina Hager
Puppy Dog face painter!
- Special thanks goes to Kristine Hon who volunteered her time and material to paint all the very cute puppy dog faces on all the K-2 participants for parade day! Parade Teacher Supervisor
- Amy Chiu
- Glory Wong
- Theresa Chen
Parade line Leads
- Walden Tiu
- Dave Donner
- Raelynn Hickey
- Kayoko Leong

Parade Practice and Post-Parade Refreshment Coordination
- Many participant parents
Tech Team
- Sabrina Huie (Setting up the slide projectors for the meetings)
Dance Instructors
- Chin Chin Hsu (Choreographed and Directed the AFY Performers!)
Flag Runner Leads
- Edmond Chiu
- Victor Liu
- Mei Mei
Equipment Transport + Cart Designer/Fabricator Extraordinaire
- Stephen Mao (Transported the equipment to/from the parade)
Music Mixer/DJ
- Rick Nguy (Edited audio and Music DJ throughout all the practices and the parade)
Music Cart Driver
- Angela Tse
CNY Sweatshirt Team
- Jackie Phung, Superstar Designer!
- Jessie Yang (Sweatshirt Project Manager and distribution)
- Zachary Yang - AFY Alumni (Sweatshirt distribution coordinator)
- Starfish Printing Company-www.starfishprinting.com
Kick-off Meeting Meal
- Stephen Mao and his family's restaurant for their donation of our delicious meal for our kick-off meeting. Interested in getting more of their crispy fried chicken wings? Go to Eric's and order Drums Heaven on the appetizer menu! Their restaurant is located in Noe Valley (Alice's on Sanchez St. and Eric's on Church St.)
- Alice's, www.alicesrestaurantsf.com
- Eric's, www.erics-restaurant.com
Parade Meal & Snacks
Thank you to the parents for buying out McDonalds and supplying the kids with, fries, chicken nuggets, apple pie and many other goodies!
Post-Parade Meal
- Ming Tjong for his donation of the ever popular garlic noodles for our post-parade meal (Owner of Lime Tree, located on Clement and the other on Irving)
- Lime Tree, 450 Irving St, SF CA 94122
- Lime Tree, 836 Clement St, SF CA 94118