Congratulations to the Science Fair Winners for 2017-2018!

Alice Fong Yu Science Fair 2017-2018 Winners


Science Fair Winner of 2018:
Alexis Woo
8th Grade:
1st Place:  McKenzie Kirk
2nd Place:  Gabriella Su
3rd Place:  Emerald Yu
7th grade:
1st Place:  Rachel Wong
2nd Place:  Ella Yam
3rd Place:  Noah Louie

Science Fair Winners


Alexis Woo

Science Fair Winner

McKenzie Kirk

8th Grade-1st

Gabriella Su

8th Grade-2nd

Emerald Yu

8th Grade-3rd

Rachel Wong

7th Grade-1st

Ella Yam

7th Grade-2nd

Noah Louie

7th Grade-3rd